Best Destinations Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand known as a Devbhumi which literally means the ‘Land of the Gods’ as the state lies many pilgrimage centres along with the various significant Hindu temples in the region. The state is known for its characteristic magnificence of the Himalayas, the Terai and the Bhabhar. Formerly it was the part of Uttar Pradesh and it was framed as a 27th state of the India in 9 November 2000. Uttarakhand is segregated into two divisions Kumaon and Garhwal. Dehradun is the capital of the state also one of the largest state in Uttarakhand.
Uttarakhand is one of the ancient state in India. As per the archaeological records such as antiquated rock paintings, rock covers, Palaeolithic stone instruments and stone monuments give prove that the mountains of the area have been settled since prehistoric times.
The state is covered by high Himalayan peaks, glaciers and forests which give us the breath-taking views and its pure surroundings of the nature yield the incredible feelings. Uttarakhand is the place of the origin of the two most important and religious river for Hindus that is Ganga river and Yamuna river, the Yamuna is originated at Yamunotri and the Ganges at Gangotri.
Uttarakhand is also famous for adventures activities such as Trekking, Skiing and River Rafting. It is the heaven for various types of adventure activities.

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