Best Destinations Punjab-


Punjab is one of the smallest and the most prosperous state which is located North West of India. The meaning of Punjab is “Five Rivers". The word ‘punj’ in Punjabi means five while ‘ab’ meaning water which literally translated to the "Land of Five Rivers". The five rivers are such as Jhelum, Chenab, Beas, Ravi and Sutlej. The name Punjab was given by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. Capital of Punjab is Chandigarh.
Punjab is primarily agricultural state and is the only state in India with a majority of population is Sikh.
 It is also an ancient state. As per epic Mahabharta it was ruled by Katoch king and the name of the region was Trigarta, it was also the main area for Indus Valley Civilization. The Vedic Civilization spread along the length of the Sarasvati River to cover most of Northern India including Punjab.Apart from same it played a significant role during the freedom movement of India.
The enchanting urban areas and towns of Punjab are spotted with various gurudwaras, temples, ashrams, ancient monuments, serene lakes and wildlife sanctuaries.
Punjab is one of most popular tourist destination which is famous for its culture, tradition, history and cuisine.

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