Best Destinations Ladakh


Ladakh is the heights region in India under the state of Jammu and Kashmir and it is located much of it being over 3,000 m (9,800 ft). It is located on the foothill of Karakoram Mountain which is subrange of the Hindu Kush Himalayan Range. Ladakh is also called The Land of Mountain Passes.
Ladakh is one of the Least Densely Populated region in Jammu And Kashmir State. Ladakh was a part of the Kushana Empire around in 1st century. In second century Buddhism spread into Ladakh’s western region.
Ladakh is the most prominent for its beauty, culture and traditions along with the beauty of its high remote mountains and upper Indus River Valley. Ladakh has one international border with China and has a line of control with Pakistan (or Pakistan occupied Kashmir). Ladakh is a dry region, with average rainfall of 100 mm, hence is known as a cold desert. However the region sees heavy snowfall during the winter season, hence the main source of water here are the glaciers. 

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