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Delhi (Union Territory), An Historical, Cultural, political, Morden or traditional you can explain the city as any of them, like aged wine Delhi become more graceful, more valuable and more with every passing decade. That is the heart of this wonderful city.
New Delhi is a capital of India. Its spectacular history and vestiges of lost empires guarantee its place in the cannon of great ancient city, yet the city’s infrastructure, financial, political hub unmask its true metropolitan nature.
During the British period the capital of India was Calcutta till 1911 AD. However it has been the region of power for many rulers and empires that existed for many centuries. This city has been destroyed many time but rebuilt again every single time.  Interestingly, a number of Delhi's rulers played a dual role, first as destroyers and then as creators. Later the British administration felt that it would be easier to administer India from Delhi rather than from Calcutta as it was located in heart of northern India, so the capital had been shifted to Delhi.
The foundation stone of town was set by King of Great Britain, Emperor of India throughout the city room of absolutely was designed by British architects, Sir King Architect and Sir Herbert Baker. The new capital was instated on thirteen Feb 1931 by India's Viceroy Lord Irwin.
As per mythology, The indraprastha which was once the capital city of The pandavas of Mahabharata was believed to be geographical located which we now call Delhi.
The city's importance lies not simply in its past glory of various empires and dynasties that once resided to this place but also the amalgamation of vivid cultures that were produced during their reign are still evident in this city. Great legendry poets like Amir Khusrow,Chand Bardari,Galib ,Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq and several others have also been part of Delhi’s flamboyant culture.In Delhi, you may discover that the town is inundated with dazzling gems: fascinating ancient monuments, fascinating museums and art galleries, study wonders, a vibrant performing-arts scene, fabulous feeding places and active markets.
Delhi is also one of the most important financial and political hub of India and absorbs more then  lakh migrations annually from other states of all over India. Approximately 15 million tours flock to the city every year.

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