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North India Travel Guide: India is an expressive, arousing country, swarming with cultural assets, spiritual wonders and immense beauty. A country with crowded big cities, monasteries in the pristine Himalayas, backwater villages of Southern India and the rugged terrain of the deserts of Rajasthan, India soaks you up in a mystifying and beautiful tide of humanity. A secular country where many religions live peacefully together therefore it is also called as “Land of Faith”. It is well said by someone that Travelling is an art and the more you travel the more you will learn. In order to give you a better travelling experience to India, we are providing some useful tips or suggestions that might be useful in a better planning and to have a soothing and a memorable trip. The below guide will assist you in different aspects of your tour such as What to Eating, Where to Drink, Tips for avoiding scams, What to wear, dealing with Indian money and customs and the cultures of the land etc. This guide would help you in avoiding extra expenses and will provide more value and quality to your vacation.

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