Rajasthan is renowned as the land of culture and traditions, its songs and the lively dances, the old folk traditions and rich handicrafts. It is India’s largest sate by the area. There is a vast heritage of folk culture from villages which is often depicted symbolic of the state. Rajasthan has the unique tradition of folk dances and songs such as Kalbeliya dance of Jaisalmer and Ghoomar from Udaipur, Bhopa, Kathputali, Chang, Ghindar, Kachchhighori.

It is also known for handicraft, cloths and semi-precious stones, and also its traditional arts and embroidery such as Block prints, Zari embroidery, Sanganer prints, Bagaru prints, blue pottery of Jaipur.
The attire of the state reflects the true tradition of Rajasthani Culture, with lots of embroidery and mirror work. The language the state is a part of the western group of Indo-Aryan languages that is called Rajasthani, apart from this Hindi is the official language of the state. Rajasthan is also known for its rich variety of the traditional cuisine. The food is well known for its spicy curries and delicious sweets.

The tradition of cooking of Rajasthan food is based on its natural climatic conditions of this desert land. There is short of water and fresh green veggies in the state of Rajasthan, which has an adverse impact on its cooking.Most of the Rajasthani food is prepared with butter milk, milk and butter or ghee in larger quantities to minimize the amount of water.

The some of the famous dishes are such as Dal-Bati, Churma, Dhungari Hui Chaach, Ghevar, Beans ki sabji, Khaddi , Mirchi Bada, Pyaaj Kachori , Laal maans etc. You can feel the real rhythm of life with full of traditions and culture while you enter the state. The culture and traditions of Rajasthan reflects the ancient Indian way of life.

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